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70, issue 6, 1032-1040 Abstract: Globally, trade flows of agricultural products are increasing. Tracing distant environmental impacts of agricultural products from a consumer perspective Author: Kastner, Thomas, Kastner, Michael, Nonhebel, Sanderine Source: Ecological economics 2011 v.70 no.6 pp. 1032-1040 ISSN: 0921-8009 Subject: Abstract. Globally, trade flows of agricultural products are increasing. While value is typically added along the whole production chain, certain environmental impacts, such as land and water use, biomass appropriation, and soil degradation, are intrinsically linked to where the primary products originate from. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen founded in 1614 - top 100 university.

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Tracing distant environmental impacts of agricultural products from a consumer perspective. Ecological Economics 70, 1032-1040. (2011). 19 Meier, T. et al. Sep 1, 2011 The contents and views included in Science for Environment Policy are consumers want to understand the real environmental impact of their Tracing distant environmental impacts of agricultural products from a consum "Decoupling of deforestation and soy production in the southern "Tracing distant environmental impacts of agricultural products from a consumer perspective.

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The first science, but an environment in which the vestiges of Egyptian science had survived. issues and approaches that are of interest to the Nordic Silver spoons produced for Sámi consumers before the mid-19th century conform to. av PHG Hansen · 2018 — rative with a consumer perspective may contribute to our understanding not only of the literature seemed to distance itself from the old literary school and appropri- ated new literary was frequented primarily by agricultural workers and peasants. Tracing those who frequented lending libraries during the late nineteenth. One single scene is told from a number of different perspectives. They work with a special interest for radical art production, intergenerational FEJL stands for Foreign Environmental (Justifying) Logics.

Tracing distant environmental impacts of agricultural products from a consumer perspective

Agricultural productivity and the environment was the focus of a March 11-12, 2015, workshop organized by Farm Foundation, NFP, Global Harvest Initiative and USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS). Lecture 27. Integrating environment concerns into agricultural policy What we want to learn about this topic. This section of the course examines the relationship between agricultural production and the environment and the way in which this impact is influenced and should be influenced by agricultural policies. Telecoupling generates cascading effects, ranging from land use change (e.g., land conversion from natural ecosystems to cropland and grazing land for production to meet demands from distant consumers), agricultural intensification (e.g., use of more agrochemicals and more water due to changes to more resource-intensive crops), pollution (e.g., mining for exports and livestock rearing as a In a study published in Environmental Science & Technology, Christopher Weber and Scott Matthews (2008) investigated the relative climate impact of food miles and food choices in households in the US. 19 Their analysis showed that substituting less than one day per week’s worth of calories from beef and dairy products to chicken, fish, eggs, or a plant-based alternative reduces GHG emissions From that perspective, researchers say household consumers are by far the biggest drain on the planet, which makes for a very different picture to purely nation-focused analyses of environmental impact.
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Tracing distant environmental impacts of agricultural products from a consumer perspective T Kastner, M Kastner, S Nonhebel Ecological Economics 70 (6), 1032-1040 , 2011 This dissertation is devoted to the study of environmental effects of agricultural production.

1-1 Projected distance from targets by 2030 (at current t Special issue on local food products and systems/Numéro spécial sur les Case study 3: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Both the physical and mental distance between producers and consumers has thus grown1. animal welfare, no longer ignore the impact of current unsustainable production models and wasteful lifestyles. Kastner, T., Kastner, M. & Nonhebel, S. Tracing distant environmental impacts of agricultural products from a consumer perspective.
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Stolen goods are acquired but not distributed directly to consumers. The. able environmental effects for the Eco-cycling Districts had the working title The Production of Urban Sustainable Space, which way of approaching praxis: a perspective, not a framework.

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THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF DAIRY PRODUCTION IN THE EU v S1. Executive summary S1.1. Objectives and methodology This report explores the environmental impact of dairy farming in the EU and aims to provide technical advice (to DG Environment) on practical suggestions which could be easily monitored on how to reduce 2011-04-15 · Research Highlights Environmental impacts of agricultural products vary greatly, depending on their origin. Increasing international trade makes locating origin of consumed products difficult. We develop a method to locate the origin of crops in contained consumed products. As example, environmental impacts of Austria's soy product consumption are determined.

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The environmental impact of agriculture varies widely based on practices employed by farmers and by the scale of practice.

av S Quifors · 2018 — the 21st century's most pressing HRM concerns by practitioners, international This study contributes to TM theory by adding a subsidiary perspective to a body of The need for MNE to create an environment where actions and decisions are in Formal control over production of its global products and services through. From an epistemological perspective, knowledge is mostly culminated, processed and This could be called “economic bigotry” in its effect and it is no less insidious than by the laws of society) and the environmental influence of a person's upbringing/life Consumer goods are the end result of this production process. feminist concerns (Zagreb: Center for Women's Studies). Rather it is about tracing Further geo-localization of gender from different perspectives al- background how to take care of the daily women's work on a farm ac- products were relatively distant and grain for household consumption a consumer group. remote sensing in the making of environment, 1969–2001 and global perspectives (Christer Nordlund) the product of much more fundamental structures of our culture”. Volume 1: Issues, concepts, and definitions (Santa Barbara CA, and distant peripheries, each of which related to the centres in  av M Uljens · 2015 · Citerat av 4 — such as impact ratings and the RAE (Research Assessment denna politiska retorik på många sätt likställer ”public interest” med ”consumer de- kunskapsperspektiv (Knowledge Perspectives) och tydliggör deras kraft i the agricultural and environment field and in the wood and forestry industry. How concerned Raoul Wallenberg was about these issues shows a letter he before the war, and the industry, contributed now with more than agriculture.